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Buyer - registration

The condition of purchase from an online store www.buslakoil.com buyer's registration. His identification is through the registration form, in which the buyer must fill fields marked with a star.

Ordering goods

Order goods from online store are made after the order confirmation, acceptance of the terms of trade and transport, or e-mail : barath@buslakoil.com, as well as by telephone.

The buyer may cancel your order or change the content, but not later than 2 hours after receiving the e-mail order confirmation sent to the seller. Orders can be canceled or changed notice by e-mail to barath@buslakoil.com, or call  +421917912996, and should always state the number of orders. If the seller does not receive a cancellation or change your order within two hours of the confirmation order shall be considered as binding. In this case, you can not cancel the order or change a customer ordered a consignment must accept and pay for it.

Seller may cancel or change an order, if you can not fill the order because of the content unavailability of goods ordered by the contractor in whole or in quantity. The seller may cancel the order even if the buyer said about themselves incomplete or incorrect data on the order form. In this case, the buyer informs the seller to change or cancel your order within 12 hours of receipt and confirmation of your order.

Buyer confirming the order at the same time gives the seller consent to the processing of personal data under the applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic. This consent may be revoked at any time the buyer a written notice to the seller. Seller agrees that without the written consent of the buyer's personal information will not be used for commercial purposes, the buyer does not provide or third parties.

By confirming the order, the buyer declares that he himself chose the subject of purchase and it is ready to pay. Buyers confirm the order states that reached a minimum age of 18 years, while the seller upon delivery of the purchased require proof of the buyer's identification card demonstrating the desired age. The purchased property passes to the buyer only after payment of the purchase price.

Delivery of the purchased

Seller agrees to deliver the desired object of purchase based on availability of goods in the required quantity, content, quality and within the specified time, the purchaser certifies that in sending the order confirmation e-mail. Specified time for delivery of the purchased was followed by the seller when the deadline passed in the purchased carrier pursuant to an order buyer. Each item has a defined period of the expedition, that time of the confirmation of the order to the time of his removal or transfer delivery company. If the order contains products with different period expedition, the goods will be dispatched to its completion, or after the dispatch of the goods with the longest period of the expedition.

The seller is obliged to provide the purchased services to the Customer in accordance with the order. Price for shipping is included in the purchase price and the price the buyer is notified in the order form and order confirmation also agrees well with the price for delivery of the purchased. The buyer is required upon delivery of the purchased prior to delivery staff to open and inspect the contents. In apparent damage items the buyer must Do not Download it from the courier and inform the seller of this fact. Seller awaiting shipment notification after the buyer sends the buyer's request for a new shipment in terms of the original order.

Change in the price of goods is reserved.


Seller is not liable for damage to the subject of the purchase and its incompleteness as well as for delay in delivery caused by the carrier. Seller is not liable for failure to deliver the goods if the customer submitted the wrong delivery address, telephone number or at the time of the planned delivery of the purchased does not reside at the address to which demanded his delivery.

Seller is not responsible for the goods perish, unless it has been stored in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer or vendor recommendations.


The buyer has the right to file a complaint if the content, quality, value and integrity of the consignment does not match the order confirmation.

The seller receives complaints every working day from 16:00 8.00do and e-mail to barath@buslakoil.com or standard mail sent to the address of the seller or by calling +421 917,912,996th For a complaint to the quality and content of the subject of the complaint must be sent in original package and number to the address of the seller.

For the case of a claim by the quality and content of the object of purchase, complaint procedure will begin after receipt of the claimed subject matter. In case the complaint is about the quality (damaged) the object of purchase, and the delivery of the object of purchase the buyer has been more than 30 days, the buyer for the purposes of the complaints must demonstrate the suitability of the purchased storage that complaint. The buyer is obliged to settle the claim within 30 days after the claim the complaint and the outcome of the proceedings to inform the buyer either by email or phone. In case of a justified complaint, the seller delivers to the buyer a new product or refund your money according to the price of the original order.

Return of goods

The buyer may return the purchased chartered the seller for any reason, within 7 calendar days after the payment. In this case, it is necessary that the object of purchase returned undamaged and complete in original packaging and in terms of quantity originally delivered orders. The buyer is obliged to inform the order returning the purchased in advance and the seller an e-mail to barath@buslakoil.com or by calling +421 917,912,996th Return only part of the order is not possible. The cost of return shipment to the buyer to the seller pays the buyer in this case. Upon receipt by the buyer and checking the contents of the seller pays the price of the purchased without the cost of delivery back to the buyer in terms of the previous agreement, either the bank account or money order within 3 working days of receipt of the purchased.


The goods sold in the online store www.buslakoil.com is warranted under applicable law, unless the packaging of the purchased otherwise indicated.

Final provisions

Relationships that are not governed by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws in force in the territory of the Slovak Republic. By confirming the order, the buyer also confirms that familiar with the terms of the seller agrees with them and take them. Seller reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, the contents and prices of goods.

Terms and conditions are valid from 01.10.2012.

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