Organic food

Organic food products are derived from the so-called organic agriculture. This form of agriculture lays great emphasis on the relationship to nature.  In organic farming using natural fertilizers, which ensures natural nutrient cycles, energy and matter in the soil. The whole process is strictly controlled and certified.

Organic products are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizers, are not in them, preservatives or synthetic additives.

They become part of a healthy lifestyle, because the raw contain large amounts of vitamins C, D and E, but also flavonoids, minerals, essential fatty acids, and beta-carotene. All of these substances in their natural state have beneficial effects on the human body.

Labeling of organic products are strict rules of the European Union. Based on the results of technical tests and checks to the manufacturer certificate marking their products logo "BIO". In the European Union as a symbol of bioproducts using a single green logo.

 Organic food is an important aspect of the environmental (compliance with nature and environmental friendliness). By purchasing organic products not only enrich your menu, but also help improve the environment in which we live.


Why Organic?

  •  It contains more vitamins and health-promoting substances
  • Contains no preservatives or synthetic additives
  • Eliminates many disease
  • It has a stronger taste and smell
  • Production is subject to strict scrutiny and certification
  • The EU is called a uniform logo


What does it mean bio organic oil?

Eco-bio-manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly important and the Rye Island (Žitný ostrov). Školské hospodárstvo Búšlak has been producing organic food to 1,000 hectares.

Organic farming basically means using technology without artificial fertilizers and chemicals in all phases of agricultural production: from growing plants to produce products. Control products tagged with "BIO" (organic) perform specialized control bodies under the strict regulations of the European Union. Exclusively sunflower oils meeting these requirements may be marked with the organic label.

Our production is located in the vicinity of the purest section of the river, in the vicinity of the Dunajský Klátov. The company Búšlak Oil without chemicals, using natural techniques - filtration-cleaned oil, cold pressed from sunflower kernels.

The oil in the manufacturing process cleans in three phases. In the first phase, a dense sieve catches any debris, dirt, creating a so-called filter cake, which provides nearly one hundred percent clean oil. Followed bag filter and finally candle filters capable of clean cold-pressed sunflower oil to the purity of a micron. Organic sunflower oil is pressed only once, because they contain the most biologically important substances.

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