Use of our bio oils

Bio-sunflower oil 500 ml – This sunflower bio-oil with high content of oleic acid is suitable for use in warm and cold dishes as well. It acts preventively against diseases of the cardiovascular system and has beneficial effects on the skin and mucous membranes. It contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients.

Bio-sunflower oil with basil - It is ideal for direct consumption, but also as a salad dressing. Basil increases appetite, it promotes digestion and regulates gastric acid secretion. It supports kidney function and calms the nerves.

Bio-sunflower oil with garlic – It is great for cold dishes, for flavoring of dishes and sauces, too. Essential oil allicin gives special aroma to the garlic. It has an important role in prevention of diseases of the vascular system and in arteriosclerosis. It is characterized by extraordinary antibacterial properties.

Bio-sunflower oil with chili – It is excellent as a salad dressing. Hot taste of chili peppers is caused by content of the substance called capsaicin, which helps to regulate the blood circulation, increases appetite and promotes digestion. It helps to reduce the blood pressure and the level of the blood sugar as well.

Bio-sunflower oil with garlic and chili -  This oil is suitable for warm, cold dishes and for direct consumption as well. The characteristic taste of chili and garlic with a rich aroma do create an exceptional harmony in this oil.

Bio-c sunflower oil for frying - Due to the high content of oleic acid (82%), this oil is ideal for treatment at high temperatures (210oC), whether for frying, roasting or deep frying. In addition to the heat treatment, it is suitable also for cold dishes. In this case, its positive effects on the human body do work more significantly.

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